ImageWe were seniors in high school. Our dance class had been together for several years and we were about to graduate. It was a sad time, leaving each other, and Teach. Teach decided to throw a party for the class at her home. We gathered in the gym and prepared for the trip in the van. “Are we going to meet your husband?” asked one of the girls. “Ah, well,” said Teach. “I don’t have a husband. I do have a roommate, a woman like me, actually a little bit older .. .I just didn’t want you to be too surprised or anything …. she’s been my roommate for many years.” We were mildly puzzled. We had never heard of an older person having a roommate.

At Teach’s house the elderly-looking lady roommate sat silent and uncomfortable on the couch the whole time. The next day at school the rumors…

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ImageLew Gardner 1996- Mission Viejo The tall old man came storming into the back area of the huge bookstore where rows of chairs were set up for the poetry reading. “Hey Nasser!” he roared at a slim young poet. “Glad you made it. Haw, Haw, didn’t think you would!” “My family’s in town but I got away for an evening,” the younger man answered quietly. The old man dropped a brackish backpack on the floor and sat in a front row, pulling off his shoes and extending his feet, with one black and one red sock. He had a chartreuse stocking cap on. With his long white hair and beard, he gave the impression of a skinny and very eccentric Santa Claus. People rolled their eyes at each other. I could hardly wait to hear him read.After the reading was over the strange old man was asking around for a…

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WILDMAN, POET, Lew Gardner part two


ImagePicture, PARISE and Lew Gardner, Casey, at camp 
Parise is a friend of Lew’s. Let me rephrase that. Parise is Lew’s goddess. She also lived at Ortega Campground. Although Lew praises her untiringly, he also warned me against meeting her while she was pregnant. With good reason, I soon learned. 
She and her husband Casey and their toddler daughter Maya lived in a big comfortable family tent next to Lew, sharing the same plot. Parise is a rather
pale fair woman of thirty with fine and limp brown hair, deceptively quiet and introverted, a little rounded from pregnancy. Her husband Casey is a wonderful looking part Indian man, seven years younger than her, who passed his large dark eyes on to their daughter.


I was visiting Lew when Parise arrived home at the camp. “Stay out of her way now,”he advised. Parise took one look at me, glared, pulled…

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We took our irresponsibility seriously and made a full time job of it. I lived in the commune several months and never once went shopping, cooked, washed clothes or cleaned house – I slept on a pile of second hand clothes in the middle bedroom. On waking up in the morning, I chose today’s ridiculous outfit from the old clothes and joined the others in the living room where we decided what we would do today – go to the park? The waterfront? North Beach? Nobody had a watch or an agenda – Drugs or alcohol were not allowed in this particular commune, and it was really pretty idyllic – all we did was play spontaneously.
Tom the cartoonist was the clown of the bunch. He made up an endless improvised poem, The Elf on the Shelf – and a couple of times a week he would surprise us by…

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ImageAutobiography   Part One
I was five years old and living in Pacific Palisades, California. My family lived in five different houses as I grew up – not counting L.A. where I was born and one long trip to Sweden when I was 2 years old. We lived in a lot of houses because Dad was in airplanes and also was a builder.


We were living in Portuguese Bend on the Palos Verdes peninsula. The land there had been devastated by a geological fault called the slide. The hillsides and roads were caving in and cracking, destroying the houses. From a kid’s point of view, this was a definite plus. We moved into the neighborhood because of the crashing real-estate prices. We lived right by the beach.


Lyndia and I discovered surfer parties, pot, wine, and a coffeehouse in San Pedro called the Golden Ass, which was…

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Ghost..little lady in the hall

II was taking care of my sick mother in her Leisure World condo, and I was sleeping on the couch in her living room. I got up in the middle of the night to check on her, and I entered the long hall in the dark. As I looked down the hall, I was bewildered to see a small figure, a very little woman dressed oddly in mismatched, colorful clothing, like various flowers and prints on a blouse and skirt And she was very distinct, solid looking and glowing, or solid light, if that makes any sense. It was quite clear this was not natural, as there was no one in the house but me and Mom, and Mom was bedridden. It just wasn’t possible, this had to be a spirit. It wasn’t really threatening looking (other than it was a ghost). I was alarmed and wanted to avoid it, so I dodged sideways into the guest bathroom and turned on the very bright light. Then I had the uh-oh feeling it had seen me and was coming up the hall. I was facing a large mirror, and could not see anyone behind me, but I very distinctly could FEEL her run her hand across my back. At this point I was not really frightened, as her touch seemed affectionate. And then she was gone.
I couldn’t think of any females in the family who had died other than my grandmother, and it was said the she was quite crazy. I came to believe it was her.image

Ghosts, Aliens, and the Djinn


imageimageDid you ever wish you were more Intuitive? just let your imagination go, believe your own mind. When I saw the Little Lady in the hall I wondered what she is. My first thought was she is my grandmother, who had serious dementia in the end. But she wasn’t so tiny, and that costume, it’s not even a Swedish historic costume. My second thought was maybe I caught an Alien leaving mothers room, and it quickly disguised itself. That is not unknown, they have appeared as squirrels with big  eyes when caught. And mom had seen a UFO, a golden disk, a little while ago. Or maybe it was both. My grandmother was sitting by my mothers bed, (in spirit) for months, as mom was very ill. Years later, I was drowsing and was imagining a woman with a long white dress at the foot of my bed. Then I wondered why was I imagining that? She was familiar. Who was she? Then I remembered a radio interview I heard about Djinn, genies. Supposedly some people have one. With a jolt I thought she was a Djinn. They can disguise themselves any way they want, maybe she was the Little Lady. That was kind of a jolt, as they can be helpers, or they can be dangerous.