THE GOLDEN ASS pursuing the Beatniks


image 1962 HIGH SCHOOL-Golden Ass and the Beatniks
Lyndia was my very best friend at that time, at Narbonne high school. She was petite and smart mouthed, with a pixie mop of red hair. My family lived in the exclusive Portuguese Bend Club on the shore of the Palos Verdes peninsula, and her family lived in a poor neighborhood in Torrance, but it didn’t matter to us what our parents had, we were in high school and having fun. We would both lie to our parents about where we were, and stay out all night driving around, going to surfer parties in Hermosa and Redondo Beach.

1959 – At that time my mother had showed me an article in a newspaper about Beatniks in San Francisco. “Just look at that!” she said scornfully rapping on the news photo. ‘They’re just not clean. They don’t use any elbow grease, that’s their problem…

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3 thoughts on “THE GOLDEN ASS pursuing the Beatniks

  1. I know this is an old article and you may not get this. My mother (Gussie Stein” used to bring me to the Golden Asse Coffee House when I was very young as well as the Exodus Art Gallery owned by Connor Everts nearby to hang with the Beatniks and Hippies. I actually have a copy of the book “The Golden Asse” that Glenn Bye, the owner of the shop inscribed and gave to her many years ago. I knew many of the old time artists that hung there. I tried to get the San Pedro Historical Society to take the book, but they never heard of the “Golden Asse Coffee House” A few years ago I located a man who said he was part owner of the “Golden Asse” and now had a band and played back east, but he totally disappeared from the internet after i found him.

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