Ghosts, Aliens, and the Djinn


imageimageDid you ever wish you were more Intuitive? just let your imagination go, believe your own mind. When I saw the Little Lady in the hall I wondered what she is. My first thought was she is my grandmother, who had serious dementia in the end. But she wasn’t so tiny, and that costume, it’s not even a Swedish historic costume. My second thought was maybe I caught an Alien leaving mothers room, and it quickly disguised itself. That is not unknown, they have appeared as squirrels with big  eyes when caught. And mom had seen a UFO, a golden disk, a little while ago. Or maybe it was both. My grandmother was sitting by my mothers bed, (in spirit) for months, as mom was very ill. Years later, I was drowsing and was imagining a woman with a long white dress at the foot of my bed. Then I wondered why was I imagining that? She was familiar. Who was she? Then I remembered a radio interview I heard about Djinn, genies. Supposedly some people have one. With a jolt I thought she was a Djinn. They can disguise themselves any way they want, maybe she was the Little Lady. That was kind of a jolt, as they can be helpers, or they can be dangerous. 

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