New introduction ETERNAL FORM




The first meaning of Form is the shape of things, objects, matter. Your body is your form. A tree or a house are also forms! I hesitate to use the term “matter”, though, because Form is present in the Spirit world, in the Spiritual realms, An object, or a body, is not always solid, physical matter. There are spiritual forms.


THE RETURN- This universe will eventually come to an end, and it will reappear again. The universe is made of pure energy. There is an underlying pattern in that energy, a blueprint, a DNA. When the universe returns, all things, all planets, all stars, all bodies, all persons will return according to that blueprint. The Return basically means resurrection. The whole universe is resurrected! But that next world will be more evolved. The world and all things evolve over time.


THE SPIRIT WORLD- It is obviously a very long time until the end of the universe. So where do we go after we die? All persons, without exception, go the Spirit World. The Spirit World is not an astral world or a mental plane. It is big as the universe, it an underlying universe that is always there. At the outset, it can look very much like this world, with houses and trees and so on. If you wish you can go on to other planes, realms and regions in the Spirit World, like realms of light, heavens, and advanced forms, like spheres.


Please don’t get confused! These terms and concepts are not vague and hazy, these terms are VERY SPECIFIC!

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