ETHERIC DOUBLES In Boulder Colorado


I was living in Ann’s house in Boulder, Colorado. She was in a group called Eckankar, or ECK. I never joined the group but I had the opportunity to study a lot of the literature in her house. The group concentrates on astral or spiritual traveling. Some very interesting things happened in that house. One afternoon as I was walking down the hall I thought I saw a woman with long blonde hair sitting in the hallway out of the comer my eye, but when I looked again, there was only a backpack. Well, I hesitated a little to tell Ann, she was a very busy schoolteacher, and I was housekeeper and nanny to her toddler. But since she was in Eck, and spiritually inclined, I decided to tell her about it. And she replied, “Well I’m glad you decided to tell me about that, since something happened to me too. I woke up early one morning, and I saw a woman with long blonde hair walk past my bedroom door and into the bathroom. Naturally I thought it was you. I waited a long time but she never came out again. So I got up and looked in your room, and you were still asleep.”

A few days later I woke up early, went past Ann’s door, noticed she was still in bed asleep, and went into the bathroom. A moment later I came out and the room was empty, the bed was made, and there was no one in the house. She couldn’t have possibly gotten out that fast. A few weeks later, Ann and a friend went out on a rainy night to the grocery store. I heard the car drive up as they returned. I was in my bedroom at the end of the hall, but I heard the front door open, I heard the girls chattering and laughing and the rustle of the grocery bags. Then there was a long profound silence. For ten min-utes I lay there wondering what was going on. Not a single sound. Curious, I got up and went out to look. Just as I reached the living room, the front door opened and in they came, with the grocery bags. “What’s going on?” I asked them, “I thought I heard you drive up ten minutes ago.” “Well,” they said, “we did but we’ve been sitting in the car waiting for the rain to let up.”


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