ImageSEDONA ARIZONA 1978 Malessa was occupying a rented house in Sedona at the time that I knew her. I was attending one of her sessions; she was standing in front of a small group of seated spiritual students in the living room, with her arms upraised, in a flowing white gown, and she was speaking in a loud voice, channeling divine beings, that is, allowing them to speak through her. “I am the King of Unification,” she cried, “and all I see is united in the I AM, I am speaking for the I AM. There is no King in Reality only light intelligence reacting to Myself, as I AM. This is the manifestation of the King of Unification, ALL ONE.” She could go on for forty-five minutes.

Malessa was an attractive woman, probably in her early forties then, with short blond tipped hair. I learned that she had been an actress earlier in her life. She had a small and loyal following, which accompanied her in her wanderings across the country. Her constant companions were a pale, slim younger man, and a neat, trim older woman, petite and gray-haired, called Sister Urelia. On meeting and talking to Malessa, I realized she was not a ditzy or spacey phony, but a woman of real strength and intellect. She really believed in everything she was doing. There was a wonderful aura in her sessions, one could almost see the light realms of the angels. 

Malessa is so much more than she seems at first. Like many modem women in spiritual life, she is very flamboyant. And like Madame Blavatsky, is rejected by most of society, but these are actually high chiefs among women, and I feel lucky to have met her.

Malessa’s message seemed to be mostly about divine beings shedding light on the Earth and uplifting it. This light is emanated by Christ, who she calls Sananda, and his associates.

I found an old newsletter in my files from 1978, which is 28 pages long, containing an account of the speeches and writings of Malessa and Urelia. This document is a treasure. It is a very intense, visionary piece of work that reveals Malessa’s high spiritual status.

Malessa described an event which she had been through, called the Open-ing of the Chakras to a small group of people, at which I was present. She said she had experienced circles of softly colored light opening in her head. I believed her and knew what she was talking about because I had experi-enced something like that.Sedona is a beautiful small town in the middle of Arizona, in a high altitude desert area, at 5000 feet. It is very dry, very hot in the summer with sparse vegetation and surrounded by red rock mountains. New Age practitioners consider Sedona to be a natural spiritual vortex.


Malessa had moved into a beautiful architectural home loaned by a fol-lower, on the far side of Oak Creek. The sparkling creek was very shallow and wide at this point, lined by a narrow oak forest. The house sat in splen-did isolation, the only building there. She held her Sunday services at the house, followed by vegetarian banquets.

Here are some excerpts from the newsletter of 1978. Malessa was really at the height of her spiritual journey. She refers to Christ as Sananda. “Sananda’s divine complement is Mary Melchizedec (another name for Malessa)-All Harmony. I want this known. This from the Father … She is also the radiant vibration of all love on ~his planet. Mary is an aspect of God.”

Malessa was a channel, but Urelia was the visionary. Malessa was the leader who spoke for the angels but Urelia could see them. “Sister Urelia speaks; ‘When I arrived a half hour ago, they were already assembling – all of the hierarchy – all of the Interplanetary conference members … they are arrayed in their royal robes. They seemed to be very serious yet in an attitude of rejoicing at the same time. The Seraphim and the Cherubim have come in and with them they have brought a very bright light.’ “



“Sister Urelia, under instruction from Sananda, stayed with Malessa throughout the period from March 24th to April 7th, and recorded the changes that took place thru both herself and Malessa (Goddess Crystal).”

“Urelia speaks: “I wish to give a description of the Interplanetary meeting this night. It has been moved to the Crystal Temple, and we have witnessed the fusion with the four Marys, and we have witnessed the mar-riage of Sananda and Crystal fused into one.””This has been a very important step in the raising of the consciousness and for the emancipation of mankind – the fusion of male and female into one.”I do not know the present location of Malessa or even if she is still alive. She was not in good health when I knew her over twenty years ago. She must have been born in the mid 1930s.


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