BILL AND ELLEN New York 1964

The author Christine

The author Christine

I first met Bill Heine shortly after arriving in New York for the first time, I had nothing, nowhere to go. Huncke had brought me to Bills house, and there I stayed, I virtually moved in. I was told Bill was a magician, that in the place that he had lived, he had attracted so much attention, the house was constantly crowded with people hoping to see him do some magic. Bill got tired of the crowds and moved here to this apartment, to be left alone, have some privacy. It was on the lower east side, on the ground floor, sparsely furnished, just a couch and coffe table, and a table for his art. He carried a little wooden flute in his waistband, otherwise I was unaware of his musical talents. It really was quiet, just a few of his friends. Someone brought a woman called Ellen, and her boyfriend, a sailor. She started staying with us, with her charming 4 year old daughter. She was a curvy brunette wirh a pretty round baby face, just so opposite from me, a tall thin blonde. She told us she wanted to get away from the boyfriend, So Bill told her she could move in. Everybody got high, a lot. Nobody worked, that I knew of. That’s when I became aware of his strange abilities. He really was a magician, and it bugs me when anyone calls him a black magician, because he would never hurt anyone with his magic. Black magic is for casting spells to do someone some harm. He only intended to entertain. He was an intense guy, but I was never afraid of him. On the contrary, both Ellen and I had a crush on him.I don’t know how long it was, maybe 6 weeks, he started sleeping with Ellen. One day Joplin was in the house, Ellen and I were sitting on the couch. She stood up off the couch, her skirt slid up, revealing a mass of bruises on her thighs. I shot Heine a dirty look, I had heard her screaming from the bedroom. But she was very sexy and sultry at that moment. I realized that he had chosen her, and it started to feel kind of crowded around there. Yes, I was knew he was attracted to me, that there was a strong mental bond, to but he had to choose, and he blew up and drove me out. I got a cheap hotel room and started living there. He found out where I was and came after me. That was the only time we slept together. I continued to visit there, at his apartment, I was still welcome, I would show up with Huncke a lot, but I left with the other guests.


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