A 20th CENTURY WOMAN Part 2, the poet

The 80's

The 80’s

Outline for the autobiography to come

I moved back to Southern California because the marriage failed, got a job as a waitress in a nightclub, moved to a quiet Santa Ana neighborhood. Then I joined a religious group called Subud and got a job as a housekeeper with a lady from the group called Rasjida. Then I got a job with a doctor’s wife who sent me to work in her husband’s office as a secretary. Her husband was a crazy surgeon. I quit and joined the Krishna Temple.


I went back to San Francisco and had visions for 9 months. That’s a little hard to explain but I needed a little rest after that. I rejoined my parents who had moved to Sedona, Arizona. I lived in a trailer park there and met a guy called Saxophone Joe and we hitchhiked to Boulder Colorado, where I left Joe and got a job as a housekeeper for a school teacher.


The doctor told me I had a spinal tumor and I spent months in hospitals and wheelchairs. The next couple of years are a little blurry. I started going to poetry readings.


I moved to Mission Viejo. I’m living extremely quietly, almost reclusively, studying, reading and writing. I met an old poet from the mountains, Lew, and we became good friends for several years until he moved to Idaho. I’m mostly ill now but enjoy touring around in my little car. I took my first philosophy book to a printer.


I started to do featured readings at poetry groups – I’m getting my first book ok  of poetry published by a local poetry group, Laguna Poets.


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