THE CLEAR LAKE- another Starbucks vision

    I was sitting in the coffeeshop trying to think of a metaphor for the absolute. I was trying to think of something absolutely invisible, absolutely still, and I thought of floating in a clear lake. Then suddenly I felt like I was floating in a crystal clear lake, brilliant clarity all around me, all at peace… the coffeeshop was still there, the big windows, the overstuffed easy chairs, the people at the tables, but I was floating in the bright and motionless lake.
    The Absolute is beneath, above, beyond everything, but it is here, just behind everything. It is undisturbed by our little actions. It had seen it all 67 billion times (the number of humans since prehistoric times), it undisturbed and unmoved by our greatest actions. It is not a man in the sky, spying on us, angry at most everything we do. It is the ocean of peace.
    Universes have come and gone within it. Universes arise from it, like Atlantis rising, the forms appear out of the mist. Galaxies and palaces and appear, faint outlines of mountains are seen on the horizon.
    It has seen it all come and go. That is not to say it does not care. It is the absolute caring, the Ocean of knowledge, motionless and invisible, the non-interfering and unseen.
       Over the Silent Ocean, light slowly appears from the mist. A faint sun rises, a pale orb on the deep blue horizon, and it rises so slowly, it grows to a brilliant blaze. What is happening, what is born! Oh it’s full of universes, it’s light reveals emerging galaxies, multitudes of stars and suns. Great wheels of light illuminate the darkened sea. The Silent Sun fills the stars with it’s own light. The revealed sun is now blinding, hidden in the center of universes.

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