My mother called me unusually early one morning, about 5:30, in 2005. She was very agitated and excited and told me she had seen a flying satellite dish. I was quite surprised and asked her what she meant. A satellite dish! she insisted. Satellite dishes don’t fly, I responded. Yes they do, she said. She said that she couldn’t sleep late at night and looked out her bedroom window. There was a golden disk the size of the moon and it flew over the tops of the trees. The trees there are very old and tall eucalyptus, about 70 feet. And she added a unique detail- she said it dripped golden liquid off the edges. I asked her if she knew what UFO’s are. She answered “I don’t believe in those things!” She didn’t watch much television, only watched Animal Planet. Where would an 88 year old lady get such an esoteric detail as the golden drops, a phenomenon rarely mentioned in UFO Documentaries? Also her bedroom window faces north, the moon can’t be seen to the north. She was a very intelligent and spiritual lady, although very old now, I certainly believed her.

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