The following is a brief introduction to the School. I am in ill health and am not strong enough to form the New School myself.
The New School of Form teaches resurrection, in a new and scientific way. It teaches Eternal Form, which is opposed to the formlessness taught by Eastern schools. The founder must be strong enough to stand up against the influx of eastern thought, and fearless against the Old Church. The New School of Form is Western philosophy, Neoplatonism, is Neochristian (but not fundamentalism). It does not teach reincarnation.
INTRODUCTION to the School of Form
The ideas in this book are from my own visions; except when stated otherwise.
This book presents a coherent system, not just a jumble of ideas. It is an advancement on all other similar systems. The truth can be known; philosophy evolves, and eventually truth becomes clear.
A GRAND VISION: A Coherent System
The universe itself, with everything in it, all souls, all forms, descended from a higher state of being. All matter is made of pure original energy. The universe is a system. It will eventually come to an end, but it will re-appear in a much more evolved condition.
There are many parts and levels to the universe, planes, dimensions and realms; each term has a very specific meaning.
THE MESSAGE: What is the message or conclusion of the philosophy offered here? It is that the world is good and we are an intrinsic part of it. It is not a false or illusory world. It has an order and we need to learn to live harmoniously in it. We do not have “escape” from it. We only need to evolve. The universe will return to the divine center with us on board.
SPIRITUAL LIFE- If we are part of a material world, then what is spiritual life? Spiritual life means remembering that the world came from a higher place, and must return, and that we are spirit.
Liberation- all living beings in this world are part of one organism, and all people must be liberated together. There is no individual liberation, although individuals can achieve very advanced consciousness.
This book seeks a new direction for Western philosophy which incorporates ideas from mythology, metaphysics, Christianity, and Eastern philosophy, yet remains essentially Western, positive toward the world and life.

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