ImageA LETTER- Sometimes I wonder if I’m still being too enigmatic in my essays. I’m not trying to be hard to understand, but just the opposite. I’m trying to make a philosophy for people to be comfortable with. I’m trying to create a New Age philosophy, for people who are unhappy with the Old Church and are also are not very comfortable with Eastern Mysticism. Eastern Mysticism presents the idea that God is formless, void, and the only way to find peace is to exist in “Nothingness”. At the extreme, it denies that the individual soul exists at all. Well, there are different kinds of mysticism, some with considerable charm, yet they may not offer the final answers Western students are seeking.
My former Guru, from India, was unlike most Eastern teachers. He did not believe that the Absolute is formless. He believed that God has an eternal form and so do all souls, and that we’re supposed to live in Paradise in our eternal spiritual bodies. He was on a lifelong campaign against the “Voidists” and he felt very strongly about it. His writings were full of refutations of “formless” philosophies. As a result he was ridiculed by his contemporaries. The prevailing attitude in Eastern mysticism is that believing in Paradise is ignorant and that believing in Nothingness is very hip. Some mystics tend to be very dogmatic about this, and as far as I’m concerned that makes it just another kind of fundamentalism.
Well, I’m on the same kind of campaign as my former teacher, except in a New Age and Western way. I am presenting the idea that form is eternal, that is, we will have some kind of spiritual form in some spiritual existence, I don’t think that this is the least bit ignorant. It bothers me that so many liberal intellectuals have embraced Eastern religion and seem to believe that it offers the absolute truth. As far as I’m concerned no religion offers the absolute truth.
    All philosophy is theory. As we evolve, we get closer to the truth. It’s our job to think and evolve. The idea that form is eternal is a rather Christian and Western idea. I’m just trying to revitalize and modernize it a little. As far as I’m concerned God is still inconceivable so we can’t seriously say that it is either form or void. And there is a current trend, which I consider ridiculous, for liberals to put down Western thinking and religion. You would think that all Westerners think that God is a man in the sky. I was raised in a thinking family, and they never believed anything like that. I don’t mean to sound like I dislike all mysticism. Far from it. I still spend a lot of time listening to lectures of Eastern teachers on the subject. It’s beautiful and fascinating, especially in the subject of “Union with God”. There are Christian mystics who speak of this, too. This kind of mysticism is fine with me. I don’t think any person has achieved the Absolute yet, but I think we’re supposed to try. The reason that I feel so strongly about the subject is that I believe that it is harmful to Form, to the West, and to ourselves to promote anti-Western ideas. The School of Form promotes and supports Form, Christianity, the Female aspect, and Western thinking.
I can’t help but wonder if it is really necessary to make lengthy disputations of the idea of voidist mysticism. After all, how many Westerners have ever really considered the idea anyway? Probably not that many. But then probably, the people I want to appeal to might wish to have such issues addressed. And, hopefully, the School of Form might reach future generations, and people all over the world. I think some people might be attracted to mystic philosophy without realizing how oppressive it is to the world and to the Female Aspect, (since teachers who say “form, duality, is the cause of all suffering,” also say that form is female). Hopefully we can see that neither Form nor the Female aspect is the cause of all suffering, and that Form is not exclusively female. I am especially troubled that someone should strive to cease to be an individual soul.
The idea that we can achieve Union with God, and live forever in Bliss, and never have to come back to this troubling world, is a charming and tempting one. But think about it, really, a naked soul floating… in what? Oneness? Forever? What would be the nature of such an existence? I mean, I’m seriously asking you … Would this be Light, would it be completely formless or would there be some kind of subtle form or 
activity there? Maybe like the Sufi poet Rumi’s vision of God, a “burning and turning diamond”? But that would be a form, wouldn’t it, a form of God. Well, that’s not so bad, but I really believe it is the true nature of the world itself to exist eternally, to have a form, and it is the true nature of souls to have form and live in a world of some kind. I believe that the world is the Body of Christ and it is eternal. This idea asks us to love and respect the world, and understand how we are truly a part of it’s systems.


Christina Andrea Nelson.                       



  1. Very intriguing thoughts. Thank you for talking about the big picture. A lot of us need to see the big picture of things more.

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