ImageNEW YEAR’S 1976 I was staying at a friend’s house in Laguna Beach, a charming cottage overlooking the sea, just before New Year’s 1976. She was away on vacation, and I was alone in the nouse. I was standing in the living room. There was a sensation of heat and pressure in the center of my head which grew more and more intense until it was almost unbearable. The front door was open and I thought I would go out and sit on the porch to cool off. I made it to the door, and grasped the doorframe, unable to go any farther, feeling like I might fall over, the heat and pressure had become so intense. I remember inspecting minutely the little chips and dents on the doorframe. Then, several inches over my head, there was a wheel, and like an iris, it dilated, it opened, amidst a showering of colors, like flowers being strewn outward, and there was a singing sensation, like a lot of little female voices singing. Then there was a pressure at the crown of my head, and a wheel there flew open. And at the center of my head, where the most intense heat had been, there was a sudden release, a wheeling, more flowers and such, with a sensation of heat rushing out. The room seemed oddly grey and light, like a room in nowhere. Then the room was suddenly gone, and I was hovering in the darkness of outer space, and below me there was a shining planet floating in darkness …. Then as other chackras opened there were visions day and night for several weeks, followed by nine months of almost constant visions. I was aware at the time of this event that this experience is referred to as the opening of the Chakras. Since that time I have heard references to the chakra over the head.


7 thoughts on “OPENING THE CHAKRAS

  1. I see this was back in 1976. Over the years, have you found that the head center/s have been relatively quiet? Or did it reverberate down the years?
    Best Thoughts,


  2. I would say that my mind is quiet, except for a heightened intuition. There are occasional incidents, like my ghost story. Also intense and colorful dreams. The intuition leaves me with the feeling there are spirits around, but I don’t want to be a ghost chaser. I feel I need to do continuing refinements on my philosophical work.

  3. No, I wouldn’t say recurrence. I think chakras stay open to some extent, but I don’t feel there is anything unusual about me. Or maybe I try hard not to be unusual. I might write an essay on the subject, that chakra doesn’t make one “perfect”.

  4. When I was young, the word was that when you opened the chakras, you saw God, and became perfect. Well, didn’t happen, I “saw the universe” (in a. series of visions had a tour of the higher planes) but didn’t be become perfect, I just kept bumbling along…. Years later I’ve become very well behaved, actually become a nun (for 20 years) or maybe kind of a nun on hiatus. I live partially in the outside world, but mostly in my contemplative world. I remain politically liberal. I think I am just an old hippie after all.

  5. My daughter thinks wife and I are “old hippies” so we may have that in common. šŸ™‚ I never thought though or expected that opening of the centers would give perfection; we must have moved in different circles. I had it early on that everything phenomenal is relative. Center activity can correspond to certain psychic and spiritual evolutions, but its all in degrees and each person is different. There are fine grades and small and large steps and its large and multidimensional–in all of that there is no sudden light-switch-on type change from ordinary to perfect; that would be a over simple binary way of thinking. There are wonderful turning points and high points where real change and transformation can occur. But these are always steps with an infinity of greater ones beyond.

    Best Thoughts,


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