Christopher to Christine- Philosophical Letters #8

From Christopher #8- Hi ~ Monday morning going down.  Granddaughter Angelina is here this morning.  Today we had planned to drive to San Ramon with a carload of people to see Amma.  One person called M and reported that Amma would be in retreat all day today and not available to the public.  Well, regarding philosophy, formless absolute is beyond conception.  Actually, formless and absolute are both terms beyond conception.  Formless means no boundaries.  No one can conceive of a boundless universe.  We need “imagination free of image” to conceive boundlessness – impossible in the realm of classical physics that we choose to call reality.  Also, no one can conceive of an absolute universe.  Absolute in the sense of “formless absolute” implies purity (no mixing).  We consider “elements” to be pure, but in the world of classical physics even the elements break down over an infinite time span.  The two western concepts of God are also eastern – Brahma the formless and inconceivable absolute (Father) and the Divine Form (Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Siva, Vishnu, Shakti, etc.).  Maybe Plato’s perfect template is Jesus – the one perfect person.  If the universe becomes pure energy, how can it then have dimensions?  Purity and formlessness can occur only where there are no boundaries to interrupt purity and create form.  Dimensions must have boundaries, however blurred they may be.  I think that your viewpoint is very Vedic.  If you can find a copy of “The Wisdom of the Vedas” (by J.C. Chatterji) – I think you will agree.  Of course, in the end, all philosophy is mere speculation.  Logicians notwithstanding.  But it is fun to speculate.  Peace. ~


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