CHRISTINE to CHRISTOPHER- Philosophical Letters#7

image#7 -From Christine- It might help to note that Eastern and Western religion differ from the start on the question of the continuance of  Form. Eastern teaches reincarnation, which is ever changing form, and Western religion teaches resurrection, which is eternal form, unchanging
I state that God is inconceivable, that Formless is a description, a conception.  You say Hinduism says that God is inconceivable, infinite beyond conception, then refer to  the formless Absolute twice (a formless entity, the formless divine). Habit?
As far as air having form, just check any weather map, the storms, winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, arent those forms?… .as far as God having qualities… here’s another western concept-there are two concepts of God,  (1)  God the absolute, which is inconceivable,(the Father) and (2) a Divine Being which has qualities (the Son). Although unfortunately in the Old Church, God the Father was presented as the Old Guy with a long white beard! Well, primitive presentations for primitive minds. Modern churches  generally agree that God is inconceivable.
As far as I’m concerned, eternal form is pure ENERGY. And the universe has 12 dimensions. Once Form becomes pure energy again, and has 12 dimensions, who is to say if it has boundaries? And about Plato- who says that there is a realm of Perfect Form. There is one perfect table, one perfect horse, and all  earthly tables and horses are imperfect copies of that. Clearly there are some problems with that.  It’s hard to say what his vision of Perfect Form was really like.
And why, you might ask, do I have such a thing about Form?  I call myself the Founder of the Philosophical School of the Eternal Form.  I basically teach resurrection, in a new age modern way, the world is pure energy, the body  is pure energy. We take our forms with us into the Infinite. I am only asking Eastern students to consider it.  How can it be more opposite than what Eastern religion teaches? Doesn’t it teach that we go disembodied into  formless Oneness?  Can you question that?  Maybe our forms merge into infinite oneness. Maybe that’s what Plato was trying to say.

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