SPIRTLife After DeathThe Spirit World
After we leave the physical body, we continue to live in a lighter body, called the spirit body. It looks like the physical body, but is made of thinner stuff. It is less easily injured, and is more plastic. This body can fly, breathe under water, change shape, move from place to place at will, appear and disappear, and many other interesting things.
The first thing we may experience after death is an entry into an astral heaven, which is a pretty place, with meadows and villages, and dear departed relatives. But the spirit-world is mysterious and complex. There are many levels in the spirit world.
The spirit world is made of lighter substance. During life, we cannot see this substance. Psychics may see it, as an aura around the body, or as spirits or ghosts. Many ordinary people see it in dreams. That is what we see in dreams, spirit forms and substances. When we dream, we create our own little mental inventions, but in the spirit world we share these inventions with many other persons. The spirit worlds are fleeting and incomplete. These worlds float in the great sea of inner space, which is called Limbo.
There are many kinds of residences in the spirit world. There are houses, towns, and villages, and large strange cities. There are great buildings with hundreds of rooms. There are even mansions, where one can wander for days through ornate rooms. We may stroll about the town, looking for a place to live, and find some apartments which are to our taste. There are no rents to pay, no regular jobs, no paychecks, just find a building and live there. Buildings may appear, move, or disappear. There are libraries and theatres and music being played. There are eccentric little shops with antique jewelry, and winding paths through forests and around lakes, and there are mystic mountains.
There are darker levels and lighter levels.  In the darker levels there are the hellish and lascivious underground cities, which are infested wi th dangerous creatures, but there is no judgment, one simply goes to the level of life one is used to, or rather, to the level of one’s consciousness.We stay in the spirit world until the Return, or until the appearance of the World to Come, which appears after the end of this universe and at the beginning of the next universe.

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