A School of Form
There should actually be a School of Form. At first this may not be any more than a handful of books, and a group of people sitting around discussing them.
There is already a kind of philosophical School of Form in existence, which consists of any philosophers who discuss philosophical concepts of form, dating back to Socrates and Plato.
But there could be an actual, physical school and temple, a group of buildings where people can visit and study and congregate. I also visualize a Department of Form in a futuristic government or Administration.
I want to come into contact with people who are attracted by the concept of Eternal Form, and an eternal world ever perfecting itself. Some people are attracted to the idea of living in bliss in a formless void; but I do not find this idea attractive.
FORM is one of the Five Aspects, or components of the world. The world is made of Form, Space, Powers, Forces, and Energies. All of these are eternal.
I use the term Form instead of matter because Form is eternal, matter is not. Matter is a substance that exists only in the mind of scientists. Form is living, evolving substance.

One of the main teachings of the New school of Form is that the world is eternal; Form is eternal. Some philosophies teach that in order to attain God, or liberation, or paradise, you have to leave this world, escape this world, as though this world is something bad. The New School of Form, on the contrary, teaches that the Earth and the universe, are eternal repeating patterns, and are complex systems which we will always be a part of. I believe that this encourages respect and love for the orld.
The world, and our body, are made of pure spiritual energy. Thus the body is our spiritual body and the world around us IS the spiritual world. We can get to paradise through evolution, not through escape. The School of Form can back up this position through logic and philosophical debate.
This is quite wonderful, if you stop to think about it. The world, nature, and society are systems which we will always be a part of. Thus there will no longer be a rift between spiritual life and physical life. The world is worth working in, and for. The physical world may come to an end, but it will reappear, again and again, until it becomes a purely spiritual world.Image


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