ABSOLUTE AND LIGHT- Sometimes it is assumed that the clear light, the formless void, etc., is the Absolute. But, in this book, the Absolute is considered to be beyond the Divine Being, and is unknowable and inconceivable. The Book of Form states that all light, void, etc., are a part of the Divine Being. The Divine Being  is larger and grander than anyone could conceive. All light, all being, manifest or unmanifest, is within the Divine Being. Most displays of light are done by intermediate beings. Also, the so-called “Formless” realm seen by some visionaries is actually just a resting state of the universe, and should not be confused with the Absolute.
THE DESCENT- In some mythologies, “The Descent” refers to the fall of man, or of souls, from a higher world, or from a state of grace. Supposedly, souls descended or fell from a divine or blissful realm due to some kind of illicit desire. However, the Book of Form states that not only souls, but the entire universe descended from a higher realm. The universe, before it was manifest, contained all forces, all laws, all systems, all souls, but all was unconscious. The universe descended to the dense material realm so that souls could become conscious. That is the role of the material realm. Time and pressure bring souls from unconscious to conscious.
DIFFERENT PHILOSOPHIES- Different conclusions arise out of different philosophical premises. If we fell out of a blissful, perfect realm, into an inferior world of matter, then we should renounce and despise the world, and attempt to escape from it. But if this is the real world, and intrinsically our own world, which descended with us, then we should learn to understand it’s systems and to evolve with it.
RESTING STATE- The universe varies between the active state and the inactive state. Simply said, it goes on and off forever. Neither state is right or wrong. It is the nature of things, as simple as waking and resting. Some mystics say the resting, so-called “Formless” state, is God, the source of the universe, but it is only the unmanifest state. After the universe has played itself out, we will all be in this resting state for billions of years. Some Eastern meditation practices may help us prepare us for this. After this rest is over, the universe will re-appear, evolved to a utopian condition, and all persons will re-appear with it, to continue their evolution.



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