Goddess I        The first Goddess

Goddess I
The first Goddess was the Earth-Mother of the ancient prehistoric peoples of the world. In this book she is presented as the goddess of the Material Realm. The word Realm refers to a place, a cosmic place. The World, the universe, can move from place to place, from the eternal realm to a lower material realm. The world is physical, dense, because it descended to a material realm. Thus there is a difference between the world and the realm it occupies. There is a consciousness associated with the material realm which is presented as a goddess, the Earth Mother.
Goddess II
There is a Goddess who is the female aspect of the world, the universe, and it’s higher planes. All higher beings have both a male and female aspect, so the Logos (Celestial Christ) and the “Father God” (Jehovah) must also include a female aspect. Of course, in the Old Church, it is not customary to present these as goddesses, but they are presented as Mary, Mother of Christ, and as the “Bride of Christ” (the church). So the Christian world actually has female divinity, but it is disguised. I would suggest the painting Mona Lisa as a suit- able icon for the female aspect of the Logos.
Pagan or Divine
Thus the goddess has two sides. One is the divine goddess of the higher planes. The other is the ancient pagan goddess of the material realm, although some goddess worshipers may find this idea controversial. The Earth Mother is compared to the Hindu goddess Maya, but is more benign. She is seen as a hostess, or a stepmother to the world, one who is wise in the material workings of the earth.
The Earth Goddess, like all deities, has both a male and female aspect, although her religion tends to be matriarchal.



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