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DIVINE BEING- is the soul of the universe. The universe is made of pure energy. It is a system and we are an intrinsic part of it. All souls come from the Divine Being. The Divine Being is a being who has an existence of it’s own on a higher dimension. The Divine Being s also the pure spiritual energy out of which everything is made. There is an Absolute beyond the Divine Being.

 There will be a new world leader soon. A new level of the Divine Being will arrive with him. This shift in administration is cosmic as well as worldly and causes a great disturbance in the world. The new leader comes with a new family of humanity. The children of the new Incoming family are being born to parents who are of the Jesus family. After all, children must be born somewhere, so Christian families have Incoming children. And in present day society, almost all celebrities are Incoming, and many politicians are also, including some American presidents. But caution, a false leader will come first.

SPIRIT WORLD- all persons go to the spirit world when they die. The spirit world is not a pale vaporous place, but a powerful place, with towering purple mountains, rolling emerald green valleys, quaint villages on the shores of dark mysterious lakes, jagged seaside cliffs over sparkling seas. There are many strange buildings, cavernous apartments with many rooms going off into the distance, mansions with hundreds of rooms, dark underground  cities, and many levels of existence, from high and light, to low and dense.

 FUTURE OF THE UNIVERSE- the universe is evolving and we are all evolving with it. The universe  eventually will burn out and then re-appear, and all people, cities and worlds will reappear with it. The same persons and worlds will re-appear, but will be evolved beyond all comprehension.


INTERMEDIATE BEINGS- There is a soul of the universe, and there are also souls of the different planes and aspects of the universe. The soul of the physical plane is known as Zeus and the soul of the superconscious plane is known as Jehovah. There are many of these higher powers; theyare living conscious beings with complex existences on the higher dimensions. They have been known in the past as gods and demiigods.



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