The Goddess Seminar

Green Goddess

Green Goddess

At the time I was attending a U. U. church, the Unitarian Universalist, a very openly liberal institution, actually so liberal they have been violently attacked a few times. There was an announcement that there was going to be a special womens event, a Goddess seminar. I immediately signed up. It was held in the very nice home of a member, up in the hills. It started with a walk on a wilderness path, then adjourned to the living room with a table of snacks, and a presentation on mythological Goddesses. After the presentation, there was a group discussion. I mentioned that I was a fan of mythology, and apparently dropped a bomb when I casually mentioned that I thought that Jehovah was a demigod. There was a shocked silence.  Then they turned away from me and no one looked at me or spoke to me for the rest of the afternoon. Well, I guess I’m too liberal for the liberals. They are a mainstream church after all.


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