scandinavian solar diska

scandinavian solar diska


The School of Form is very old, dating back to Plato and Socrates. Every few centuries, a new Great Philosopher starts writing about Form. Form has a magical attraction to some people. Philosophers from Aristotle to Aquinas declared that “God is Pure Form.” In my manuscript I have written many pages about definitions of Form. I am looking for a “few good people” who are interested in continuing the School of Form. The essential declaration is that Form is Eternal. Do you believe that Form is eternal? That forms existed before this universe and will always exist? That the relationships between Form, Space, and Forces are worth studying? There are two kinds of attraction to form, a scientific attraction, and a spiritual attraction.

I believe that people are attracted to, or connected to, the five different aspects of this universe. People are connected to Form, or Space, or Forces, or powers or energies. Naturally the people who are connected to Form are the ones who are attracted to it. Also students of metaphysics who are designers, directors of energies, and so on, are also attracted to form.

The Book of Form offers many answers to old questions. Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing here? What is this world? These questions have new and direct answers in this book This new work encourages involvement in the world and the continuing evolution of the world, rather than renunciation and rejection. Evolution is accomplished by continuing growth of knowledge and learning.

There is an attraction to Form which is like a Calling, almost like nuns and monks to a monastery. It is a mysterious power of attraction which is felt by members of the Family of Form. Some may feel scientific curiosity, some may experience philosophical attraction.


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