loose assemblige

loose assemblige

THE RETURN- Modern thinkers may be put off by the idea of resurrection because of the old mythologies that go with it. The frowning judges in black robes and eternal damnation are not very attractive images. However, the resurrection, or the Return, as it’s called here, is actually a valid metaphysical concept. People are meant to exist from the beginning to the end of their universe, but the world is in a dense and early stage of evolution. Things and persons seem to pass away, but will resume existence later as the universe evolves and becomes lighter and less dense. This happens according to natural law, not according to the whims of gods or judges.

Fortunately, the lighter body, the spirit body, is not as subject to disintegration as the physical body, and we live on in the spirit world after death, while we await the Return.

An Attempt To Define The Mental Plane

The term “Mental Plane” is seen frequently in Theosophical and metaphysical works but a description or definition is rarely found ..• it is hard to describe. It is usually depicted as a “layer” of the universe, an “upper layer”. There are basically three planes, physical, mental, and intuitional. This would be depicted on a chart as a kind of three layer cake, with the physical plane on the bottom, and the mental plane in the middle. But that would be just a cartoon; the mental plane isn’t “up there” somewhere, it pervades everything, the body, the world, the whole universe. The mental plane is as big as a universe. Another image is of the earth, representing the physical plane, with the mental plane like an envelope around the earth, extending out beyond the atmosphere. The mental plane is, of course, invisible. The mental plane is of the same substance as the mind. The mind is only a small part of the mental plane. The mental plane is generally regarded as being a finer substance than the physical, and has a higher vibration, rather than actually being physically higher than the Earth. Some seers regard the mental plane as a whole realm or world, an inhabited world.


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