Gentler Planet

We can stand on a brooding crag
by magnificent waterfalls above the smoky oceans and yellow beaches
on some gentler small planet.

What do you seek?

Share with me

What is permanent, earnest, great flowing through the ages

I will with clear voice

show that nothing can happen to the universe or the

perfect profound particle.

We have our own hope afterward
we loosen the hands of the printer I wait by your side

I pause in your house welcoming

your companions who are many times persuaded.                                
 They depart. On my way, sounds of birds and animals

turbulent, incessant, arise.

The steaming Western sea has

within its shores countless inland cities that invite you to lay intoxicated,
perfumes of love on the shelves.

The steel sky thunders

above the houseboats

gentle rain falls between

the melancholy walls.

We cannot realize exactly

the value of the unimaginable jewel.


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