I’ve come to believe in this world, and that we are a part of it. I believe in eternal recurrence- that is the belief that world will reappear and us with it, in a more evolved state. I’m looking forward to it. I just dont believe in reincarnation, I think we come back as the same person. I even have a theory why we have past life memories- briefly, that we have Overselves that have many lives. I have an essay somewhere on the subject.

 I believe that both Eastern and Western religions have made major contributions to world religion. In some ways East and West present serious contradictions, such as Resurrection or Reincarnation.

But  the contributions are very important- The West presents the idea of the Personal God, and the East specializes in the idea of an Absolute. Ramakrishna  speaks of a Personal and Impersonal God, and I am a big fan of his. He says both paths are valid.


I only have a few small amendments to the classic paths. The Christian God has been mythologized and sometimes seems childish. But go back to the early Greek idea of the Logos- Jesus was supposedly that, but I think that Jesus is human.  I call the Logos the Celestial Christ, a Being beyond all universes, which descended from the Absolute. I believe it spoke directly thru Jesus. It said “there is no way to the Father but by me”  That means there is no way to the Absolute except through the guidance  of the Celestial Being, since we are all sparks from it. Eastern religion does not recognize a perfect celestial being, thus it falls short.

The Old Church in Christianity does not discuss the idea of an inconceivable absolute nor any path to it (meditation), thus it falls short.



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