black and white piano

black and white piano


So are positive and negative equal? Both parts of the universe? Take a look at a magnet. It has a positive pole and a negative pole Does it have a Good pole and an Evil pole? That would be silly.
Modem thinkers tend to shy away from old concepts because tyrannies were built on those old concepts. The concept that there are different kinds of people, or that male and female are different, has been put aside in honor of freedom and democracy. This is good, I like freedom and democracy. But let me tell you something, FEAR OF IDEAS leads to ignorance. We cannot ignore ideas because they have been misused or misunderstood in the past. I still say that black is as good as white, female is as good as male, body is as good as mind. When is the last time you got in a discussion about equality without someone getting excited? It is just an excitable topic. So if I present a metaphysical idea that sounds like Old Ideas, people are likely to get excited before they hear what is being said, and most likely they will inject their own fears and preconceptions into what I am saying. And yet I feel that there are certain ancient ideas that are true, regardless of how much they have been misused. No science can be built while ignoring concepts that we fear, for example, the con­cept of male and female being animus and substance. I have written three pages of lectures on the equality of animus and substance. Yet it is still an idea that inspires love, hate, fear, and prejudice, ready to be misused at the drop of a hat. And what about the idea of different groups of humanity? The mind shrieks at the mere mention of it. We all have deeply ingrained prejudices, which I call spiritual prejudices or intellectual prejudices, which we must get over before we can get over racial and sexual prejudices. This is what I call Modernization of Old Concepts. Almost all these prejudices revolve around the old church idea of “contempt for the world”. We modem thinkers may think we have overcome old church ideas, but they lie lurking in our subconscious. If I say that the body is not evil, most will agree. If I say that the body is as good as the mind, there will be some puz­zlement, but some will still agree. But if I say some people are body and some people are mind, then everyone shrieks. What is the problem? Is body as good as mind, or not? Of course, I am not saying that men are mind and women are body. I didn’t say that. Did you think I said that or was hinting at that? You didn’t? Good. My philosophy is complex and if I don’t lose people in the details.



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