Here are some of the main ideas I want to promote through the New School of Form. The leading idea is that Form is eternal through evolution, that is, the world is eternal. The School of Form is the defender of the aspect of Form and the evolving world. The School is New Age, Western, Theosophical, neo-Christian. It is not fundamentalist and it contests philosophies which are hostile to the self or the world. It is universal in it’s message.
The New School would like to present new or alternative ideas on such standard subjects such as “What is God”, and life after death. Many modern people may not have a very wide range of ideas to choose from. The Old Church presents us with the idea of God as a male being somewhere beyond the world. And imported from the East are confusing and little understood ideas of God as “clear light”, Void, or nothingness. Fortunately there are some alternate ideas offered by new churches and modern philosophies.
A basic principle of the New School is that all philosophy is theory. Yes! Think about it. Philosophy is an evolving science. That is one of the “Three Pragmatic Principles”. All philosophy is theory. All persons who have ever lived are human (no one is God). And, there is no such thing as enlightenment (in the sense of a perfect person). Sometimes I may sound like an agnostic and at other times I may sound wildly mythological. Perhaps I’ll leave it to the reader to decide when I’m completely serious and when I’m not.
The purpose of this Introduction is to make some comparisons and contrasts with other philosophies, and to get the reader to think about the varieties of ideas that are available, and to give an idea where the School of Form takes a stand.


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