crayon, abstractcrayon, abstractcrayon, abstractFrom our email debate- Christophers reply- OK – you asked what do I believe.  Well, 1), I believe that consciousness pervades the known universe below the atomic level and this can be seen easily by observing the quantum effect on cell activity, and 2),  I believe the ancient Hindu rishis discovered “wise choices unknowingly made” seemed to increase when they increased the frequency of their sun and fire rituals.  This led to the belief that a consciousness existed just beyond our awareness (like Freud’s unconscious) and that this consciousness is benevolent and will make wise choices for us (help us) – if given our respectful attention (worship).  The first belief (1) became an “apparent truth” in my mind as a result of my first dozen or so LSD trips.  This apparent truth was the result of turning inward and then coming to a place where I realized that I had created the entire universe and therefore knew it’s workings.  Since this seemed to be both true and obviously false – I sought an explanation.  I found the intellectual explanation in both quantum physics and the Vedas.  Both explained how God could exist and remain Eternally Supreme (omni-intelligent, omni-powerful, omni-knowing, omni-aware, etc.).  This intellectual explanation became a belief only after I met Shree Maa and became aware of Her consciousness entering my consciousness when I was alert and near Her, and also during meditation at home.  After a time I began to realize the existence of “wise choices unknowingly made” in my life.  They seemed to increase in my life as I increased meditation, japa, and puja.   Now I believe strongly in the wisdom and benefits of the Sanatana Dharma as explained in the Vedas.  Mostly because of experiences with Shree Maa. Shiva, and the Gayatri mantra.  If you are interested in more about what I believe – there are places on the internet that offer more explanation.  I would recommend starting with Stuart Hameroff’s website (quantumconsciousness.org).  That pretty well sums up “what I believe” – for what it’s worth.  (Remember Buffalo Springfield?) – peace, love, and all good.  .  .Chris  (P.S. Regarding form: Brahma (formless God) eternally creates and dissolves an infinite number of forms – from atoms to universes and everything in between.  Of course, no one knows why, but I suspect it may be for the same reason that the dog licks his balls – because he can.  (Chuckle.


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