(TO CHRISTOPHER) from a series of letters

Well, in return, I don’t mean to put down all gurus. There are some great ones. And yes, I understand Ego has a different meaning in Eastern religion…but I think some students get a big ego in the Western sense, because they are taught that Eastern mysticism is superior.  I studied Eastern religion for a long time before I got tired of it, and started studying classic Western philosophy, starting with Plato. I just couldn’t relate to the idea of oneness. It seems to bypass many many stages of development.  As far as the Higher planes, astral, causal, and all that, I went mind traveling through all that, and have charts somewhere that I drew up. I should  scan them so I can send them.  But I came to feel that we cant GO THERE. There several different kinds of higher planes, such as the Higher Dimensions. The Spirit World is not a higher plane. It is attached to this world, it is not far. I think I’m deciding it IS this world, in an altered state. (this is an ongoing process of discovery) when we die, we enter  that altered state. It appears to be as big as the universe, and at the outset it appears to be like this world, in that it has houses and mountains, only lighter. You cant get injured or die because the body is no longer solid. It is the same substance as dreams. Dreams are the same as the spirit world, only dreams are private, and the spirit world is shared .Everybody without exception goes to the spirit world. It is possible to advance to higher planes in the spirit world, but these higher levels are contained within the spirit world. It does not represent LEAVING the spirit world.  Oh, and the spirit world is temporary.  Until the whole universe enters a higher plane.  Thats how we go to a higher plane. All together.

HMMM…yes I realize this is going to upset some people. But I’ve been thinking and studying for forty years, and feel confident in my conclusions.  By the way most psychics these days agree there is a spirit world

As far as debating gurus I think I’ll pass.




  1. “The Spirit World is not a higher plane. It is attached to this world, it is not far. I think I’m deciding it IS this world, in an altered state.”

    I agree that the ‘spirit world’ and ours are connected. My understanding of it is that the spiritual world, if you want to call it that, is like our world in a higher octave. The spirit world is harmonic just as ours is, and has different BUT ANALOGOUS properties because of its higher-dimensionality. And higher dimensionality isn’t a big deal or even that complicated; it’s just another way of saying that there are more forms of space. I’ve elaborated somewhat here, but I’m still working on it:

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